Rev19 Partners September Sales Agent Contest



All interchange plus merchants must be priced at a minimum of 20 basis points and $0.05 over interchange to qualify.

Exceptions based on statement volume will be considered on a case by case basis.


Contest Rules:

Minimum of  5 new activated MID’s needed to qualify. MIDs must be approved by September 30, 2020, activated by October 7, 2020 (November 7, 2020 for Surcharge MIDs, due to 30 day card brand notification requirement)

For ties, bonus amounts will be combined and split between qualifying agents. Multi-location deals count as a maximum of 5 for sales contest total.

*An activation is defined as an approved merchant who accumulates $500 in batches.

** must activate by October 7, 2020 to qualify for $100 Cash Bonus (November 7, 2020 for Surcharge MIDs).