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Who Needs Rev19 Integrate?

A marketplace has tons of potential revenue hidden away in integrated payments. Why let Paypal or WePay earn fees on hundreds of your submerchant accounts?


As an innovator, your thoughts are dominated by ways of improving your app or service. Rev19 Integrate takes care of integrating your own payments management, so you don’t have to!

Rev19 Payments is Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed
Revenue Sharing

With Rev19’s generous revenue-sharing program, marketplace and Saas founders now have the ability to add another revenue stream by monetizing the payment processing service. You’ve done all the hard work to attract your customers, so let us help you by sharing our profit.

Controlled Pricing

You get to decide what processing rates to charge your customers, so that you can ensure that you remain competitive. This means that you get to control the margins between your customers processing fees, and your own profits.

Optimal User Experience

Our developer-friendly API documents make it super simple for instant on-boarding, customized reporting, and white label options to give your customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Leading Technology

We’ve got everything you need, including hosted payment pages, recurring billing, customized payment buttons, split payments, iFrames, P2PE and tokenization.

How Can Rev19 Accelerate Your Business Growth?
Split Payments

Capability to split payments among affiliates, suppliers, distributors, and so much more.

P2PE & Tokenization

With our best realtime fraud prevention and protection tools, like GRID point-to-point encryption, we keep your business safe and secure.

Accept Payments

Transform your customer experience into a delightful experience with payment processing for retail, eCommerce, and mobile.

Simple Documentation

Our documentation was designed to be simple, and is compatible for both iOS and Android. Our easy and well-organized documentation is the stuff of every developer’s dreams.

Industries We Serve

Payment Solutions For SAAS Platforms, Marketplaces, and Software Providers.

Easy, simple, and organized API/SDK documentation.


Commission Payments

Commission Payments

Rev19’s Commissions Solutions is all you need to quickly and easily set up commission accounts and pay commissions to those accounts.

Payment API

Payment API

Step-by-step API documentation roadmap that provides you with all the information and methods for accepting card payments.

Product Suite

Product Suite

Rev19’s robust suite of products empowers SaaS companies to focus on their software and specialties. Rev19 will handle your needs concerning payments such as security, acceptance, funding, and reporting.

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